Claims Administration Services

Class Actions and Restitution Claims Administration and Notice Programs

TCAS positively impacts all phases of the proceedings.

TCAS is available to add value, notice and media planning and dissemination, comprehensive service plan for law firm, claimant data and communication, complete case management distribution to claimants, cash management and reporting to the courts and counsel.

Patent Pending Claims Administration Portal

The claims administration portal adds value and comfort, by granting lawyers, and any other key players, access to the claims administration process on a real-time level.

The portal offers a secure platform for file transfer and storage, while keeping all Claimants informed of the most relevant updates available regarding their claim status and overall adjudication process.

Distribution to Claimants

TCAS utilizes quality controls to adjudicate all aspects of the settlement and restitution process by verifying the accuracy of claims and payments, qualification of claimants to prevent fraud and abuse of the claims process.