Life-Cycle Claims Administration for Class Actions & Restitution for Proceeds from Crime / Fraud:

TCA is available for all phases of the proceedings. TCA is available to add value with Pre-Certification and Pre- Settlement consulting, pre-sentencing consulting and drafting of protocol, notice and media planning and dissemination, comprehensive service plan for law firm, claimant data and communication, complete case management, distribution to claimants, cash management and reporting to the courts and counsel.

Distribution to Claimants:

TCA utilizes quality controls to adjudicate all aspects of the settlement and restitution process by verifying the accuracy of claims and payments, qualification of claimants to prevent fraud and abuse of the claims process.

Notice Plans and Media Programs:

TCA partners with Plaintiff's and Defense Counsel in preparing Notice Plans and Media Programs in executed Affidavit format for certification and settlement hearings.

Graphic Design & Drafting of Claim Forms, Opt-out/Opt-In forms, Long and Short Form Notices:

PDF and electronic filing formats

Provincial & Jurisdictional Opt-Out/Opt-In Administration:

Mail processing and electronic filing

Collaborative Pre-Certification, Pre-Settlement & Pre-Sentencing Consulting:

Drafting and consulting on claims administration protocols and administrator duties for settlement agreements.
Drafting and execution of Affidavits of Notice Plans and Media Programs for certification and settlement hearings

International Payment Distribution Platform:

Secure and efficient international payment platforms for claimants anywhere in the world.

Authoritative Expert Testimony & Reports:

Affidavits and reports for discovery, certification and settlements.

Fiduciary Investment & Cash Management of Funds:

Treasury and Cash Management of Settlement Funds for distribution to class members.

Investigative Claimant Search Services:

TCA will find known claimants when contact details are not available.

Proceeds from Crime Restitution:

Notice Dissemination and Distribution of Restitution payments to affected persons.

Real Time Social Media & Mobile Platforms for Notice Programs & Media Campaigns:

New Media to compliment traditional forms of legal notice.

Direct and Individualized Email Notification & Payment Solutions:

Internet based notice dissemination and claims administrations

Urgent Data Breach Notification Programs:

TCA partners with Counsel and their Corporate client in preparing and implementing Notice Plans for data breaches that may compromise their client's information and privacy.

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